stephanie + chris timeline questionnaire

She is the sweetest woman and I blame my gross sickness that day for not writing down her name. I'm so sorry!
If not groomsmen
I will be packing up for them but just need a hand off person :)
Lauren Laganis, Kati Laganis, Sam Schultheis, Rachel Rowe, Abby Leonard, Lauren Carruthers, Nikki Flamand, Erin Bottke, Christine Bass, Ariel Siskind, Jenna Crowdus
Steve Schultheis, Philip Laganis, Kyle Wesley, Steve McCardell, Matt McGrogan, Connor Hepke, Charles Brunner, Dave Hughes, Stephen O’Brien, Joe Sosnowski
I know you were back and forth, and we can talk about this at length, but based on the timeline I have for you right now, I strongly suggest First Look!!
I know you've booked transportation, so if you want to just forward me their contract that would be perfect!
If so, to what song?
Mr. an Mrs. Schultheis, Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Stephanie Schultheis, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schultheis etc. (or Christopher to all above)
Add songs if so please! :)