New Year New Goals!

Happy New Year everyone! In the spirit of making 2016 my best year yet, I'm setting some goals for Laurel & Elm that I'm really going to do my best to stick to! Check them out and hold me accountable :) 


I started off with an easy one as I am accomplishing this right now! I want to be WAY more consistent with blogging, so I've already planned out the next month to stay on track! My goal is to incorporate product finds, DIY tutorials and new favorite trends along with Laurel & Elm weddings! So, my first goal of 2016 is to blog once a week - CHECK!


As crazy as it sounds, Instagram has been one of my biggest business assets this year! I've gotten some wonderful clients and made the sweetest friends in the wedding industry just by posting photos! So this year I want to post 5 times a week and see where that takes me! If you aren't already following along, let's be friends! Check out the Laurel & Elm instagram HERE!


This one is ambitious. Calligraphy is something that I've always been dying to learn but have had absolutely no training in. I think it's something that could be SO helpful to my clients in the long run, plus I just love seeing weddings with cohesive place cards, bar signs and calligraphed details galore! I tried brush calligraphy for the first time for one of my couples earlier this year and had SO much fun! I think with (lots of) practice, this could be a helpful service to offer clients! Here's my first attempt at place card stones below: 


Let me know if you'd like some practice snail mail :) 

Design-only package

Last, but certainly not least - in a few weeks I'll be introducing a new Laurel & Elm package that will allow you to select design-only services! Full custom design is included in my larger packages, but this package is targeted for those who might not be looking for full service coordination along with it! Stay tuned for more information :) 

Hopefully everyone's new years resolutions are going well! Day 6!