Last Minute Valentine DIYs

Searching for a last minute gift for your valentine? Look no further! We've done the research and compiled our three favorite quick and easy DIYs for you to do TODAY! 

For the Wine Connoisseur: etched heart wine glasses


Surprise your sweetheart with a custom wine glass that can be used for every romantic moment. In just a few simple steps, you can turn an ordinary glass into something special.

-The first step is to find the stickers that you want to put on your glass. These can be hearts, words or anything else you think would be special to your someone special.

-Once you have those, apply them in a random pattern over the glass. Where you put the stickers is where the glass will stay clear and transparent!

-This next step involves the purchase of etching cream. Once you have that, you apply it in a thick layer all over the glass. Then let it dry for 15 minutes.

-After your cream has dried, you wash it off in room temperature water with a sponge. Don’t scrub too hard that your stickers fall off! That’s the next step :)

-Remove the stickers! After your glass is dried off and all the etching cream is removed, you can start peeling off the stickers. Once you remove all of them you should have a nice frosted glass with clear hearts, or whichever design you chose, all around the glass!

Voila!  Now you have the perfect stemware to use for your romantic dinner with your Valentine’s Day date. For step by step photos, visit the original HGTV tutorial HERE!

For the Busy Bee:personal homemade coupons

If you’re having trouble putting together something crafty, or you just don’t have the time to make a gift, print out free Valentine’s Day coupons and go to town on all the things your loved one might not have the time to do.

The best thing about this gift is that you can customize it to whoever your Valentine’s Day date is. If it’s your husband, give him coupons for fixing the next lightbulb or smoke detector battery or mowing the lawn. If he works long hours, have some coupons for cooking dinner, an after-work foot massage or having his favorite beer on the table when he walks through the door.

For the wife in your life, coupons for cleaning the bathroom will go a long way. Doing the laundry or dishes, having a kid free morning to sleep in and relax, a massage or breakfast in bed.

For the boyfriend or girlfriend, have a coupon for their choice in picking which movie you see next, dinner on you or spending some time with their friends or family. If they’re still in school, offer free tutoring sessions, help with homework or a quizzing buddy for their next big exam.

Head HERE to fill out and print your own coupons! 

For the Movie Junkie: movie night in

Photo credit  Better Homes & Gardens

Sometimes the last thing people want to do after a long day at work is get ready to go back out. There’s no harm in celebrating Valentine’s Day the chill way.

Is there a movie that just came out onto DVD that you were too busy to see when it was in theaters? Does your date absolutely love a certain old black and white film? Surprise them by making your own movie date in a box! All you need for this is the movie of choice, popcorn, a takeout menu from your favorite place, candy and their favorite drink. Why leave the comforts of your own couch when you have everything at home? You’ll be sure to make them smile when they walk through the door and realize they can go put their PJs on!

We hope everyone has a romantic valentines (or galentines!) day!