The L&E Family!

Today I'm sharing a few photos that my good friend Tina took of our little family! Tina (Tina Jay Photography) was our own wedding photographer when Eric and I got married back in October 2014 and we've gotten so close over the last couple years! You know you chose the right photographer when you see her multiple times a week years later :) 

We spent the afternoon walking around one of the most gorgeous wedding venues, Venue Chilton! I am obsessed with the cute little gardens hidden on the grounds there! Pictured below with me are my husband, Eric and our massive Saint Bernard, Fred!


Eric represents the "Elm" of Laurel & Elm, although we both didn't think he'd play such a huge role in my business when it started! Eric has an extremely busy job of his own, so he's rarely able to commit to working weekends with me, but it's always a nice surprise when he can! There will never be an assistant that always knows what I need them to do with just a look like "Elm" can! ;) On top of that, he's my contract writer, rental furniture mover and pretty much the only reason I get my quarterly taxes done. While he's technically not involved in the company, Eric is by far my biggest supporter and handles so much of the grunt work that goes on behind the scenes and I'm so thankful for that! 

Fred on the other hand is the complete opposite:

He's my 150 pound lapdog that's constantly drooling on my laptop as I type and begging for more food after each email I send. He's also the reason I need to keep all of my work projects shelves and shelves above my own head. Fred doesn't necessarily strive for the same level of perfection and elegance that we do here at Laurel & Elm but he's the most gentle giant and keeps me constant company all day long whether I like it or not :) He also instantly falls asleep to Bon Iver in an almost creepy, hypnotic way, so on busy work days I have Bon Iver playing on repeat! 

Hope you enjoyed meeting the behind the scenes dream team!