Choosing Your Exact Wedding Colors

Today I'm sharing one of my absolute favorite tips that I give to brides to help with the "big picture" look! After a recent trip to Home Depot to pick out some gray paint swatches for my new office, I was reminded of how helpful this is.

For all of my couples that don't have a handy pantone swatch book at home, head to your closest home improvement store and pick out your wedding colors in the paint swatches! Here's a handful of swatches I picked up for myself that are all considered gray:

This is crazy to me because some are clearly gray-purple, some are gray-brown and some are gray-blue. Had I just asked for "gray" paint, who knows what I would've come home with! 

Once you've picked out your favorite shades of your wedding colors, you can bring these swatches with you to all of your meetings! This ensures that every single vendor and detail - from stationery and floral to bridesmaids dresses and table linens - are on the same page with what "gray" is to YOU, the client.