A Look Inside the Laurel & Elm Emergency Kit

Today is our first wedding of the season! We are SO excited to celebrate with Abby & Joe today as they tie the knot in center city! I've been working on re-stocking and adding to the emergency kit that we carry along with us for the last couple of weeks so that we are prepared for anything that comes our way! 

Here's a good idea of what you can usually find inside:

- Tweezers

- Scissors 

- Q-tips

- Makeup remover

- Umbrellas

- Mascara

- Lipstick

- Blotting papers

- Clear nail polish 

- Nail clippers + nail files

- Water bottles

- Tissues 

- Pain reliever 

- Band-Aids

- Neosporin

- Sunscreen

- Deodorant

- Cough drops

- Baby powder

- Tampons

- Eye drops

- Straws

- Granola bars

- Super Glue

- Breath mints

- Pens 

- Tape (duct tape and dress tape!)

- Breath mints + mouthwash

- Stain remover

- Floss

- Toothbrush + toothpaste

- Lint roller

- Eye drops

- Portable phone chargers

- Lotion

- Bobby pins + hairspray

This list is always growing and the emergency kit gets heavier by the wedding! We've also been known to pack some emergency champagne which usually lightens our load halfway into the day :) Abby + Joe we are packed and ready to celebrate with you! Can't wait!