Donating Your Wedding Dress to Help Others

Is your wedding dress just hanging in your closet? Probably. Is your daughter going to want to wear your wedding dress thirty years from now? Probably not. Many brides wonder what they're supposed to do with their wedding dress after their wedding is over, so I've put together a list of some AMAZING charities that do so much more than that fancy dress hanger ever will! 

1. The Bridal Garden

The Bridal Garden is the ONLY non-profit bridal boutique in New York City. They accept donated, previously worn wedding dresses and re-sell them for 75% of the original retail cost. All of the proceeds support the education of disadvantaged New York children through their partnership with the Brooklyn Charter School. Together, they work to create more efficient relationships between home and school learning through child care, new classroom techniques and after school programs. Donate here.

2. NICU Helping Hands Angel Gown Program

The Angel Gown Program's volunteer seamstresses use the material from your wedding dress to sew beautiful burial dresses for infants who pass away during birth or during their hospital stay. Many hospitals stock the Angel Gown Program's dresses for families in need. Otherwise, families can also request gowns directly through the program. The Angel Gown Program has various donation periods throughout the year, and I was so happy to see that they reached full capacity within 5 minutes of their donation opening this week! Check back here for their next donation cycle!

3. Adorned in Grace

Adorned in Grace is a bridal boutique in Portland, Oregon. All of the sales associates are volunteers and the retail space is donated so that every dollar can support Abolition Now, an organization that raises awareness and funds for the prevention of sex trafficking and support for its victims. Donate here.

4. Brides Across America

Brides Across America is an organization dedicated to giving back to U.S. Military families. In addition to financially supporting servicemen and women with post traumatic stress, wounded warriors and veteran employment, Brides Across America provides military brides with your donated wedding dress free of cost! Donate here.

5. Wish Upon a Wedding

Wish Upon a Wedding is a non-profit organization that grants weddings to couples who are facing a serious illness or life-altering circumstance. Partnered with Brides for a Cause , you can donate your wedding dress to one of these deserving couples! Click here for more information. 


Do something nice for someone else today!