about lora






Lora is a detail-obsessed, coffee-addicted, Philly foodie who truly loves love. Born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, she fell in love with this creative city and the wedding industry from an early age. Ever since she decided to act as a wedding planner for career day in middle school, she has found designing such personalized visions to be so exciting! After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Temple University, Lora immediately knew that she wanted to use her degree in a way that would allow her to build close personal relationships with the people that she works with. 

Lora received her certification in wedding planning and spent years immersing herself in different aspects of the wedding industry -- from the early, creative development of personalized styles and themes, to the minute-by-minute wedding day execution. These experiences gave Lora a rich understanding of both the importance of creating unique ideas for every couple and the importance of having a perfectly customized plan for bringing those ideas to life. Most importantly, Lora's love of meeting new people and having the honor of sharing in their happiness is the reason that she loves her job and the reason that she created Laurel & Elm. Her passion lies in learning every couple's story and inventing intricate ways to incorporate that love story into their most special day.

When Lora isn't planning weddings, she enjoys spending time in center city with her husband, Eric and their 150 pound Saint Bernard puppy, Fred!